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Atomic Brain

It has been nearly two years since we fired up Atomic Brain and things have been relatively quiet since then. Our initial release is definitely not a thing of the past and to kick-start the dawn of Atomic Brain Records in 2016, we are stoked to announce Atomic Brain will be officially releasing the long awaited second album from Sydney's own 4-piece Ramonesy punk-rock outfit, Batfoot! locally in Australia.

Titled 'Cut the Cord', the album consists of 15 blistering tunes that ooze influence from bands like The Ramones, Chixdiggit!, Murderburgers, Lillingtons, Mean Jeans, Screeching Weasel, you get the idea!

Teaming with our good mates at Bloated Kat Records in the U.S., they will be handling release of 'Cut The Cord' to all other regions outside Australia.

Head over to Bloated Kat Records Facebook or Bandcamp pages where you can hear two fresh tracks from 'Cut the Cord' and also pickup other rad music from bands like Lipstick Homicide, House Boat, Rational Anthem, Mikey Erg, the list goes on!

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