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DeeCRACKS 'Attention! Deficit Disorder' CD
Monster Zero Records

DeeCRACKS 'Attention! Deficit Disorder' CD

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Do you wanna be a monkey boy, take some Ritalin for lunch and do the hangover hop? Then here’s your motherflippin’ soundtrack! The first full-length from DeeCRACKS is oozing with Ramones influenced party hits! 14 tracks in the greater pop-punk tradition, so familiar, yet fresh and exciting. From beginning ‘till end, this record grabs you by the cojones and drags you down to basement. Leather jacket – check! Hi-top chucks – check! Attention! Deficit Disorder – double check!

Release #: MZ-10

Release Date: July 2010

Track Listing:

  1. I Wanted It All
  2. Monkey Boy
  3. Not Another Minute 
  4. The Hangover Hop
  5. Waiting For You
  6. Ritalin For Lunch
  7. It Has Always Been This Way
  8. Gimme Gimme Plastic Surgery
  9. Dairy Queen King
  10. She Met a Brat
  11. I Need a Nurse 
  12. Ratface
  13. Radioactive Kiss
  14. I See You Around

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                      CD on Monster Zero Records.

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