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House Boat 'The Delaware Octopus' CD
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House Boat 'The Delaware Octopus' CD

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What do you get when you take Grath and Azeem from The Steinways and put them in a band with Zack 'Off With Their Dear Landlord Head's and Miked To Die Erg [SA]? House Boat, that's what you get! More specifically, The Delaware Octopus. And what's The Delaware Octopus? Shit if I know! But I can tell you it's catchy, it's clever, it's cynical and it's one of the best pop punk albums you're ever going to hear! Short, sweet and the point... whatever that point may be!

Release #: IAR-41

Release Date: November 2009

Track Listing:

  1. I Watched The Biggest Loser Australia
  2. I Work On The 13th Floor
  3. Alonelylonelylone
  4. Battlestar Gallactica vs. Pop Punk Message Board VI (Grivet Loves Goats)
  5. My Guts Have Shit For Brains
  6. My Life Hurts
  7. Every Day
  8. Are You Into Metal?
  9. 30 Going On 13
  10. All Of The Time
  11. A Song For Halfpint To Suck My Balls To
  12. Wait, What?
  13. Dumbmarket Travesty

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                1000 jewel case CD on It's Alive Records.

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