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ABR-004 Billy Puntton 'Dopamine' CD

Released: July 2017

8 track EP, 300 on Digipak CD.
Atomic Brain Records Billy Puntton Dopamine

ABR-003 Batfoot! 'Cut the Cord' CD

Released: June 2016

15 track album, 300 on Digipak CD for Australia.

Batfoot! - Cut The Cord

ABR-002 'You, Me, Chipati!' 12"

Released: November 2015

6 track EP, 6 on 12" lathe cut black vinyl.

You, me, chipati! 

ABR-001 'Fresh Lime, No Cordial' CD

Released: December 2013

1 track single, 1 on burned CD.

Fresh Lime, No Cordial