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Dingus 'Who Cares?' CD

Dingus 'Who Cares?' CD

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Dingus have been a band forever. Since Jr High. That was over 15 years ago. In that time, they have recorded three albums. This is the third. Insanely catchy with near genius instrumentation and even better lyrics, this album really raises the bar on what pop-punk can do. Each track has a fresh sound, and listening to just one could never give you an idea what this band is all about. Released in conjuction with our friends Lost Cat, Smellhound, and Dingus themselves.

Release #: BKR-003 / LC-32 / PU-004

Release Date: March 2015

Track Listing:

  1. IROB
  2. Palestinian Pity
  3. Arbitrary Fantasy
  4. Positive Qi
  5. Hiawatha
  6. Kursk
  7. The Zombies
  8. Ole and Lena
  9. Where For Art Thou Jerks
  10. Epistemology
  11. Don Quixote

                  Pressing Info: 

                  Jewel case CD on Bloated Kat Records, Lost Cat Records & Smellhound Records

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