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For Science 'Way Out Of Control' CD
It's Alive Records

For Science 'Way Out Of Control' CD

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For Science are a band more people should know about. They were short lived but thrashed hard while they were around. A super catchy, fast and dirty as fuck band! This EP finds the band honing in on their sound just a little more after their debut album. But to be honest, you really can't go too wrong with anything these guys put out.

Release #: IAR-18

Release Date: July 2007

Track Listing:

  1. Swan Song
  2. Soledad
  3. Just Pray
  4. The Rides
  5. Leaving New Brunswick
  6. Swimming Around Fighting Frowns
  7. Way Out Of Control
  8. Salutations

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      1000 jewel case CD on It's Alive Records.

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