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Rational Anthem 'Sensitivity Training' 12"

Rational Anthem 'Sensitivity Training' 12"

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Razorcake: I’m finding that more often than not my bias against “pop punk” is unfounded, and here Rational Anthem goes proving me wrong again. I can’t deny that even though (or maybe because) I know exactly where these songs are going to go after hearing a few chords that they have a way of embedding themselves into my brain. Sometimes I’m perfectly okay with not being the least bit surprised. Think early Blink-182 getting the shit kicked out of them by life and you’re in the right place.

Release #: BKR-021

Release Date: June 2012

Track Listing:

  1. Cool Story
  2. Sleeping
  3. Commitment Issues
  4. Mild Nights
  5. Tentative City
  6. Up Up And Annoy
  7. Anthem Pt 3 (Story of a Lonely Girl)
  8. Best Intentions
  9. We Got Plans
  10. All The Small Thangs
  11. Stop Talkin'
  12. You Tell Me
  13. Girlfriend Slightly Used
  14. Cheap Smiles

                                                  Pressing Info: 

                                                  12" black vinyl on John Wilkes Booth & Bloated Kat Records.

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