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Rational Anthem Whatevermind' 12"

Rational Anthem Whatevermind' 12"

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Whatevermind takes the lyrical strength of Black Flag’s “Depression” and grinds it through haunting bubblegum punk tuneage so you’re drunk singing through the tears and smiling through today’s suck, ready for tomorrow because the Rational Anthem LP is still on the turntable.

Release #: RGF-030 / JBW-022 / KOD-097 / BKR-020

Release Date: November 2013

Track Listing:

  1. NINailed It
  2. Darnit
  3. First World Complaints
  4. Wendy Pefferkorn
  5. Sucks To Suck
  6. StrangerGuy69
  7. 717 Orange Ave
  8. Shameover
  9. Imaginary Girlfriend
  10. Wasted Ambition 
  11. 25 Years
  12. Sleep Talking

                                                    Pressing Info: 

                                                    12" red/green vinyl on Rad Girlfriend, John Wilkes Booth, Kiss Of Death & Bloated Kat Records.

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