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Apocolypse Meow 'The End Is Nigh' 12" LP

Apocolypse Meow 'The End Is Nigh' 12" LP

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Apocalypse Meow has been knocking around since 2009 putting out many a solid quirky seven inch. This LP is Pedro via the Midwest. From straight poppy jammers, to weird discordant rock, to psyche rock back into pop punk. This is a cup of coffee on the porch record. A crunchy leaves on the ground record. It's a bit cold outside so let's stay in, drink this bottle of wine and Apocalypse Meow.

Release #: RGF-049 / NAR-01 / BBR-7 / CNR-2 / SSR-7

Release Date: September 2015

Track Listing:

  1. Baby, I'm a Scientist
  2. Exits
  3. Halfway to Kansas City
  4. The Route
  5. Dance Party
  6. Life is Hard
  7. Shark Attack, a Metaphor
  8. Blood
  9. The Haste and the Curious
  10. No Sleep Til Never
  11. All Dinosaurs Are Ghosts

                                            Pressing Info: 

                                            12" black vinyl on Bigger Boat ,Catnap, Sex Sheet, Rad Girlfriend & Night Animal Records.

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