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The Raging Nathans 'Losing It' 12" LP
Rad Girlfriend Records

The Raging Nathans 'Losing It' 12" LP

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Hailing from Dayton, Ohio, the Nathans sonically are a snot-colored concoction swirling with chunks of Witches with Dicks, Screeching Weasel, and east bay pop-punk from the 90's.

Like a classic three-piece pop-punk band, the songs rely less on fancy guitar work and more on catchy choruses and bouncy, clangy-stringed bass lines, at once nostalgic yet fairly unique, like a Lookout! Records band raised under the stairs since 1992, finally led shambling out into the world by a rope leash.

Release #: RGF-043, DBR-124

Release Date: April 2014

Track Listing:

  1. Tooth Song
  2. Not Giving Up
  3. Free Parking
  4. I'm On Drugs
  5. Using Me
  6. Brandi's Got A New Job
  7. Weekday Warriors
  8. Because, Fuck You
  9. How To Validate Anything
  10. Shit Friend
  11. The New Yorker
  12. Going Down
  13. The Betrayal 

                                        Pressing Info: 

                                        400 black vinyl, 100 raging red vinyl on Rad Girlfriend Records, Dead Broke Rekerds, and Recess Records

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