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The Transgressions 'Fucked Up' 7"
It's Alive Records

The Transgressions 'Fucked Up' 7"

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Alright... How do you like to hear your pop-punk? Is it like the filthy offspring of The Ramones born out of a dank basement? Then look no further, these guys shred their own brand of pop-punk like no other!

They are a straight up three-chord style pop-punk band who are catchy as hell and have been largely overlooked over the years.

Release #: IAR-96

Release Date: April 2015

Track Listing:

  1. I Don't Wanna Be
  2. Holey Fuck
  3. You're The One
  4. Grim Fairytale
  5. Fucked Up

                          Pressing Info: 

                          250 black vinyl, 250 white vinyl on It's Alive Records.

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