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Gateway District 'Perfect's Gonna Fail' CD
It's Alive Records

Gateway District 'Perfect's Gonna Fail' CD

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Take what works, build on it, expand on it and leave the rest behind. That's exactly what Gateway District has done with Perfect's Gonna Fail. Unlike many sophomore albums that serve as a means of expansion by way of experimentation, Perfect's Gonna Fail has taken the strongest elements of the band's debut album Some Days You Get The Thunder and doubled-up on them - The already amazing songwriting has been pushed even closer to perfection; the musicianship has been wrenched a notch tighter; the vocals are belted out with more confidence; the harmonies have multiplied and taken hold of the entire album. The end result is a focused and deliberate attempt at being the best damn album you will hear all year.

Release #: IAR-52

Release Date: April 2011

Track Listing:

  1. Run Away
  2. Macy
  3. Leaving Me Behind
  4. Waves And Cars
  5. Blue Halls
  6. New Hands
  7. I'll Take The River
  8. Sirens
  9. Let It Ride
  10. Fishman's Story
  11. Cairo
  12. Queen Avenue

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        500 jewel case CD on It's Alive Records.

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