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Hospital Job 'The Believer' CD
It's Alive Records

Hospital Job 'The Believer' CD

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Man, I love this band! This is the second album from Hospital Job, who are an offshoot from drummer and principal song writer of The Copyrights. Hospital Job have some influence and elements found in The Copyrights, but it's a whole different kettle of fish. There's killer melodies, huge hooks, odd chords and a really sweet ambience to Hospital Job.

Give these guys a go!

Release #: IAR-83

Release Date: July 2014

Track Listing:

  1. Tell Me Four Things About Yourself
  2. Confessions Of A Former Waxdoll
  3. Times Square
  4. The Scrivener
  5. The Believer
  6. Confusing Times
  7. Nail Houses
  8. Born In A Bow Tie
  9. The Walls Have Eyes
  10. Redemption Town
  11. Meetings

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            1000 jewel case CD on It's Alive Records.

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